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I can’t let go of this hand,

No matter how it hurts,

Alone, without her I cannot stand,

I am no more than the earth’s dirt.


Even if tempted with abundance of gold,

And riches beyond compare,

Even the devil with powers so old,

Could not sway my heart away from her.


For her, I’d travel to the ends of earth,

For her smile, eyes, beauty, love and more,

I willingly give up all that I’m worth,

Because she is the only one, I will fight for.


Even if she broke my heart,

For love is the greatest curse,

It pains me to think of us apart,

Hell could not be worse.


I’d turn down eternal life,

To keep her next to me,

Without her I cannot survive,

In her, I’m ensnared but still, never felt so free.

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Craft of Writing: Down with Adverbs?

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For most people the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Author Stephen King says that, for writers, the road to hell is paved with adverbs. Let’s do a quick refresher on what an adverb is, learn why adverbs get such a bad rap, and why you might choose to think very carefully before you use adverbs in your writing. (See what I did there?)

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Part 1 of 5

I think you need a break from all this relationship business’ Jerome slapped Johnathan playfully on his back and Johnathon responsed back with a sly smirk. ‘Tonight is when we forget about morals, we forget about those girls who feel they need to put a grip on us’ Johnathan nodded.

Johnathan liked that idea, in fact he was in love with the idea of freedom. The only problem was he was not in love with the idea of leaving a good thing, or was he?

He wanted a night of bliss. Sex with someone that would be spontaneous and he wouldn’t have to worry about lying to them – lying about how much he loved them. Just one night, free to be the man he was before. To be the free spirit Chantelle had managed to capture…

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